Robot Underpants: 05.28.14 (155)

Mat "Langley" Luschek, Eric "Retweet" Rice and "Starman" Michael Gaines discuss hits and misses of the past week, including: Google's latest self-driving car, Reading Rainbow, the Daredevil TV show, and more!

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Robot Underpants: 05.14.14 (153)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, “Starman” Michael Gaines are joined by Kathy Hopkins of AnxieTea Party bring you all kinds of news, including Where in the World is Casey Kasem? Sad Batman, Google Glass, EuroVision, Second Life, Game of Thrones DOS, Bob Orci’s Star Trek, Flintstones, Flash, Godzilla, HR Gieger, ASMRRequests, How I Met Your Dad dies on the vine, and more…

* Sad Batman Pic
* George RR Martin Uses DOS
* CBS Passes How I Met Your Dad
* Flintstones Remake
* Eric Roberts says Human Centipede is “Horrible”
* Casey Kasem is Missing!
* Flash promo is a flash.
* ASMRRequests

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Robot Underpants: 05.07.14 (152)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice, and “Starman” Michael Gaines bring you this week’s current events including Bitcoin talk, drone laws, AliBaba and AliExpress, This Week In Movie Remakes, Podcasting lawsuits, MLB Lawsuits, Smart Guns, bad CA laws, and Blizzcon.

* Doge!
* Alibaba IPO
* Private Benjamin Remake
* Point Break Remake
* Fantastic Voyage Remake
* Star Wars VII May Have a Title
* Gotham TV Show Trailer
* Podcast Lawsuits
* MLB Asks Apple to Remove Baseball Shows
* Smart Guns
* CA Driving Tax
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Robot Underpants: 04.30.14 (151)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines bring you this week’s topics, including: Donald Sterling, Bundy thing, Twitter rage, Star Wars news, ET Atari dump, Bob Hoskins and more!

* Clippers’ Don Sterling
* Star Wars News!
* ET Atari Games Found
* Bob Hoskins Dies
* Chase Bank Shutting Down Porn Accounts
* How the Pyramids Were Built
* Almost Human Cancelled

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