Robot Underpants: 02.19.14 (141)

This week in .. Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric “Sickboy” Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines. This week we discuss The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Olympics, Guardians of the Galaxy, Kate Upton in the Vomit Comet, Tom Hiddleston, Rules for Glassholes, Devo and Vanilla Ice!

* Star Wars News
* ELLE Mag Names Tom Hiddleston Man of the Year
* How Much Damage Did the Original Robocop Do?
* Rules for Glassholes
* Loren Feldman Reviews Google Glass
* Man Banned from Internet for Sending Naked Dudes to Neighbor’s
* Vanilla Ice Reunites with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Devo Guitarist Dies
* Game of Thrones Trailer 2
* Kate Upton in Space

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