Robot Underpants: 01.29.14 (138)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines bring you this week’s batch of Robocop news, Ninja Turtle news, the weather in Atlanta, the Grammys, Motley Cure breakup news, and more!

* Robotcop review
* First pictures of Bay’s Ninja Turtles
* Motley Crue breaking up after tour
* Atlanta snow
* Peter Capaldi’s new Who outfit

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Robot Underpants: 01.22.14 (137)

Join hosts Mat "Langley" Luschek, Eric Rice and "Starman" Michael Gaines, discuss Star Wars news, Robocop news (new video clips!), Google Glass and Homeland Security, Google Glass and Sex, Google employee gets protests at his home, Tivo stops making hardware, Porn is digitally removing condoms, Dogecoin and more!

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Robot Underpants: 01.15.14 (136)

Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines are back in the swing of things with Star Wars news, Nest / Google News, the Podcast Awards, Razzies, and more!

* ’60s Batman coming to home video
* HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Show
*Star Wars News
* More Star Wars News
*Cool Star Wars Toy Photos
* Razzie Awards
* “Doomed”

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Robot Underpants: 01.08.14 (135)

Langley’s in Las Vegas with connection issues, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines have good connections. CES chat, mobile phone gripes, Boba Fett, Netflix micro-genres and more!

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Robot Underpants: 01.01.14 (134)

Welcome to 2014! Nothing changes on New Year’s Day as Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice, and “Starman” Michael Gaines continue to gripe about Glass, have a few predictions for 2014, Star Wars rumors, Uncle Phil dies, movies, trident wielding New Zealanders and more!

*Uncle Phil Dies
* Star Wars Original Trilogy?
* Shia’s Skywritten Apology
* Apple / NSA Backdoor
* Jack Dorsey Joins Disney|
* Plutonium Jokers
*Trident Wielding Kiwi

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