Robot Underpants: 07.03.13 (108)

Happy 4th of July from Mat “Langley” Luschek, and Eric Rice. “Starman” Michael Gaines is on assignment in Utah at Scott Johnson’s Nerdtacular. This week Mat goes to Disneyland, Eric discusses fireworks, the world chaos continues with Egypt’s government being toppled, Bolivia is mad at the U.S. for Snowden nonsense, The inventor of the mouse dies, head transplants, Paypal Galactic, Leap Motion, Darth Valley and more!

* Human Head Transplants

* Back to the Future Documentary Kickstarter

* Water Car (amphibious jeep thing)

* Leap Motion

* Paypal Galactic

* Prince Charles Dalek

* Airsoft Soda Bottle Machine Gun

* Darth Valley

* Alicia Silverstone’s Breast Milk

* TSA’s Instagram

MP3 File

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