Robot Underpants: 03.27.13 (94)

Langley, Eric Rice, and “Starman” Michael Gaines are here with Google Gripes, Icon-changing Sheep, Bill Gates Condoms, Langley and Annika get a visit from Grant Imahara, and more!


* Stammering Woody

* Iron Man 3 Spot

* Bill Gates Condoms

* Just One Scarf

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Robot Underpants: 03.20.13 (93)

Langley, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines talk Google gripes, “Splash” celebrity diving, Mr. Rogers, Bitcoin, Star Trek and more!

* Escape from NY Reboot

* Ghostbusters Replica Basement

* Ian McKellen Officiate Patrick Stewarts Wedding

* Spider Eats Bats


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Robot Underpants: 03.13.13 (92)

It’s been two days since Langley’s birthday, and tonight is Eric Rice’s. Annika Skywalker O’Brien and Starman Michael Gaines are here too. It’s time for Robot Combat League, Robotcop news, Star Wars news, Beverly Hills Cop tv news, Pope chat, SXSW, Google Reader is going away, what else do we have to say!?

* Popelessness is Over!

* George Lucas Says Mark, Carrie and Harrison Are in for SW7

* Judge Reinhold is in for Beverly Hills Cop TV

* Storage Wars Brandi Porn

* Robocop News

* 7 Lifesize Star Wars Statues for $400k


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Robot Underpants: 03.06.13 (91)

Langley, Eric Rice, Annika Skywalker O’Brien and Starman Michael Gaines have the latest in who-dead this week, Robocop news, Star Wars news, naked-drunk-women-in-power-wheels news, plus much much more!

* Star Wars 7 Casting Call

* Robocop 33

* Pantless Woman Arrested on Power Wheels

* Dino Robots at Santa Barbara Zoo


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