Robot Underpants: 02.27.13 (90)

Langley, Annika Skywalker, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines bring your weekly dose of Robocop news, movie news, and tech news. This week the gang talks Oscars, Superman, Wizard of Oz, Chromebooks, Firefox OS, Robot Combat League, and more!

* Robot Combat League

* Nic Cage Crystal Pepsi Jacket

* Carbon Fiber Flask

* Horny Dress

*Robocop News

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Robot Underpants: 02.20.13 (89)

Langley, Eric Rice, “Starman” Michael Gaines, and Annika “Skywalker” O’Brien manage to get through a whole show without Google Hangouts crashing! It must be Rag On Google day, because the Google Glass project gets a lot of criticism from the bunch. Playstation 4 is announced. Robocop news, and Star Wars news. All this and more!

* Google Glass

* Playstation 4

* Jeep and Burger King Hacked

* Robot Combat League

* Annika’s Arduino Kickstarter

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Robot Underpants: 02.13.13 (88)

Langley and Annika “Skywalker” O’Brien discuss stinky trees and their adventure in TARDIS moving. Eric Rice and Starman Michael Gaines have Robocop news, LAPD commentary, and more!

* Everyone Hates Die Hard

* Good Clay to Die Hard

* Robocop News

* Gallifrey One Con



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Robot Underpants: 02.06.13 (87)

Langley, Eric Rice, Starman Michael Gaines, and Annika O’Brien try REAL hard to do a show, amidst technical issues, but manage to chat about the Super Bowl, Robocop News, Snowmageddon ’13, Star Wars News, and more!

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