Robot Underpants: 01.30.16 (86)

Langley, Eric Rice, Starman Mike Gaines, and Annika O’Brien talk Robot Combat League, Star Trek Wiki Tiff, Ron Jeremy in hospital, Robocop News and more!

* “Robot Combat League” 

* Ron Jeremy in Hospital

* PornHub Banned from Super Bowl

* Robocop News

* Star Trek Wiki Fight


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Robot Underpants: 01.23.16 (85)

Langley, Annika “Skywalker” O’Brien, Eric Rice, and Starman Michael Gaines are back with news of lip syncing divas, bad Florida stories, Robocop news, and more on this week’s Robot Underpants.

* AVN Clever Title Nominees

* Most Florida Story Ever

* Robocop News

* “Princess Bride” Shirt Problems

* Charlie Brown Arrested for Stalking

End Track: Borderline — The Showoffs

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Robot Underpants: 01.09.16 (84)

Langley, Eric and Starman Mike have something to say about the recent gun control laws, bad movies, ROBOCOP NEWS, Star Wars News, and more!

* Zack Snyder doing Star Wars Samurai Movie? 

* Robocop News

* “Crystal Skull” Writer Doing “Pirates 5”

* Alcohol Vaporizer

* Severed Heads Found in Chicago

End Track:
Love EverybodyThe Presidents of the United States of America
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Robot Underpants: 01.02.13 (82)

Recorded live in Hollywood California.. Sorta. Langley is in the same room with Jason Mewes… no wait.. that’s Annika Skywalker dressed up like Jay. Eric Rice and Starman Mike join to talk about the new year, Denny’s Hobbit menu, Twin Peaks news and more!

End Track:
“Jungle Love” by Morris Day & the TIME Covered by 20 LB SLEDGE

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