Robot Underpants: 12.26.12 (81)

Langley, Eric and Starman Mike survive the end of the world, and Christmas to bring you Hobbit chat and lots of (spoilers) Doctor Who commentary.

* Augmented Reality TARDIS

* NY’s “Game Over” Initiative

End Track: “Hobbit Love” by The Gazillions

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Robot Underpants: 12.12.12 (79)

You’ll never see another 12-12-12 in your lifetime, so celebrate it with Langley, Eric, Starman Mike, Annika Skywalker, and the guys from Silo. Ron and Pedro of Silo are broadcasting live for 24 hours and Robot Underpants is hour 19. We discuss the whole 12-12-12 nonsense, UFOs over San Francisco and New York, and if we’re really living in the Matrix. PLUS, Star Trek news, and the obligatory Robocop News.

* Silo 3×12

* UFOs over SF and NYC

* Star Trek “Did he just say Kahn?”


* Robocop News

* Mayan Apocalypse is Really an Acid Trip

This week’s end track:
Wake Up And Smell The GreasballsThe Greaseballs
“Sci-Fi And The Moonburners” (mp3)
from “Wake Up And Smell The Greasballs”
(Spiritwood Music)
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Robot Underpants: 12.05.12 (78)

Langley, Eric, Mike and Annika Skywalker kick off the show with Justin Bieber porno news. Then it’s into MySpace, Tron, Robocop, Terminator and other fantastic stories of the weird and nerdy.

* Ghostbusters News

* McAfee Arrested

* New Star Trek Trailer

* Bieber Sex Tape? (NSFW)

* Showgirls News

* RoboCop (barely) News

* Terminator News

* Duck Duck Go

End Track:

Swedish Columbia 1: The First Two Years [2008-2009]Triobelisk
“Distant Star” (mp3)
from “Swedish Columbia 1: The First Two Years [2008-2009]”
(Swedish Columbia)
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