Robot Underpants: 10.24.12 (72)

Mike loses a HD, Eric goes to bed at 11pm now, Langley has a cold. Other that, there’s ROBOCOP NEWS! Iron Man 3 news, Ghostbusters news, and Chinese epic underwater cinema news. Plus much more!

* Iron Man News

* Robocop News

*Ghostbusters News

* Expensive Chinese Sci-Fi News

* Tony Scott Death News

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Robot Underpants: 10.17.12 (71)

Hey it’s the Robot Underpants show! On this week’s episode, Langley, Eric, Mike and Kacey talk Jury Duty (sadly without Paulie Shore), Son of Ernest, Comic Book Porn, Steven Seagal’s conspiracies, and of course Robocop news! And much much more.

* Steven Seagal News

* Ernest News

* Spiderman/Superman Porno News (SFW)

* S.H.I.E.L.D News

* Robocop News

This week’s end track:
Space Nutz!Space Nutz!
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from “Space Nutz!”
(Cuniglius Records)
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Robot Underpants: 10.10.12 (70)

Langley, Eric and Mike talk Star Wars (and this week we LIKE George Lucas!), Prometheus/Blade Runner, ROBOCOP NEWS! Hitchcock, Jurassic Park, Titanic Myths and more!

* Jurassic Park 4

* Robocop Pix

* Mythbusters Bust Titanic

* Mitt Romney – Completely Wrong

* PETA hates Pokemon

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Robot Underpants: 10.03.12 (69)

Langley, Eric, Michael and Kacey have follow up Jimmy Hoffa news, Presidential Debate chat, Dex has fleas, Robocop news, Die Hard news, Howard the Duck and oh so much more.
* Hoffa News

* Robo Cop Video

* Robot Cop

* Die Hard News

* Creepy Travolta Xmas

* Cell Phone in EW Magazine

* Monkey Jesus Costume

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