Robot Underpants: 08.29.12 (64)

Langley, Eric, Mike and Kacey are here with all the news that’s fit to report, including Obama’s reddit visit, Reagan holograms, orgasms and more!

* Obama on Reddit

* Conjoined Twins Show

* Holographic Reagan

* Hitler Clothing Store

* Orgasm Girl

* Paylin Stripper

* The Nexicon


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Robot Underpants: 08.22.12 (63)

Langley, Starman and Annika return from travel across time and space to discuss celebrity run-ins, Doctor Who, Toxic Avenger and bad art restorations.

* Porn Stoppage 

* Toxic Avenger

* Art Oops

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Robot Underpants: 08.01.12 (61)

Langley, Eric, Michael and Kacey talk about the Olympics, the failures of certain broadcasting companies during the Olympics, Snoop Lion, 3D fetus statues, and Jurassic Parks.
* Real Life Jurassic Park

* 3D printed fetus

* Hobbit Part 3

* The Onion on NBC’s Olympic Coverage

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