Robot Underpants: 07.25.12 (60)

Langley, Eric and Mike discuss the Batman Massacre, Was Sherman Hemsley gay? Sally Ride was. Three boobed girl, the clown porn queen, the Munsters and more!

– Girl Who Survived Aurora Due to Brain Injury

– Zivity CEO Pays Shooting Victim’s Medical Bills

– 3 Boobed Girl is Butthurt

– Sherman Hemsley Gay or Not Gay?

– Munsters TV Reboot

This Week’s End Track:

Porn Star HotMonster Taxi and Tatiana Blades
“Porn Star Hot” (mp3)
from “Porn Star Hot”
(Toy Robot Records)

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Robot Underpants: 07.18.12 (59)

It’s a full house, with Langley, Eric Rice, Michael Gaines, Annika Skywalker, and Kacey Kaso talk about #hashtagweekdays, Marissa Mayer,¬†Batman, Cyborg Hate Crimes and more!

– Shag a Gamer

– How Much Does it Cost to Be Batman?

– Cyborg Hate Crime

– Encyclopedia Brown Author Dies


– Tokyo Robot Girls

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Robot Underpants: 07.11.12 (58)

Langley, Eric and Michael are joined by Annika to talk about hot topics of the week including Comic Con, Viacom’s debacle, Mind reading, Tron, Gaga’s social network, grunge music, Robocop and more!

– Firefly Reunion Show

– Old Man Suit

– Nexus Galaxy 7 costs $152 to make

– Mind reading helmet

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Robot Underpants: 07.04.12 (57)

Independence Day with Langley, Starman, Eric Rice, and Annika Skywalker. It’s Higgs bosom time, Amazing Spiderman in 3D, Star Trek, and more on this week’s show!
* Higgs Bosom

* Hulk Smash T-Mobile

* Ghostbusters 3 Still Not Dead

This week’s end track:
His Greatest Hits Vol. IIJimi Hendrix
“Star Spangled Banner & Smashing Of Amps” (mp3)
from “His Greatest Hits Vol. II”
(Legacy International)
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