Robot Underpants: 07.27.16 (254)

Langley and Starman take a break from the political bashing on social media to bring you this week’s hot geekery including: SDCC, Star Trek, Netflix shows, Wonder Woman, Justice League movie and more!

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Robot Underpants: 07.14.16 (252)

Langley, Starman and Annika show up this week with Pokemon Go news, Mike saw Ghostbusters and talks about that, Annika talks about the TV show “Human” and “Mr. Robot,” for some reason we discuss M*A*S*H* for far too long, and more!

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Robot Underpants: 06.29.16 (251)

Langley, Starman and Annika bring you this week’s nerdiest hot topics including: Lost in Space news, Captain America news, Indiana Jones 5 news, Star Trek news, Star Wars news (of course) and more!

Robot Underpants: 06.22.16 (250)

Langley, Starman and Annika welcome you to episode 250! Nothing to see here, same old thing including: Westworld, Aliens news, Die Hard news, and more!

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